Things to see and do when you rent a caravan in Blackpool

Blackpool Holiday Highlights

Blackpool Holiday Highlights and Top Tips

Blackpool has long been one of the main holiday attractions of the Northwest of England. It has a massively entertaining sea front with everything in one place making it ideal for a young family or even an older couple looking to enjoy some social time with friends.

Here’s some top tips to make the most of your stay in Blackpool. will help you stretch those pennies and find some great attractions that sometimes evade Blackpool first timers.




Highlight 1

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool pleasure beach is a theme park based on Blackpool’s sea front with attractions that will entertain all age groups. From white knuckle rides to more sedate traditional rides Blackpool Pleasure beach has something for everyone.

Blackpool Pleasure beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach contains some of the most breath-taking Rides in the UK including the BIG One and the recently added Red Arrows attraction.

Expect to pay. £30 Adult p/day, £30 Child p/day 

Top Tip. Book your tickets online at least 10 days in advance. Savings of up to 50% have been known to be offered. Also book you tickets online further saving are available doing this.

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Highlight 2

Nickelodeon Land

Nickelodeon recently joined forces with Blackpool pleasure beach to provide a spectacular attraction for all the family. There’s plenty of really enjoyable rides for toddlers and children. There’s less restrictions on height as is the case with the main park and there’s plenty of entertainment to keep you busy the entire day.

Nickelodeon land

The rides are all based around well-known characters and to shows children will be completely familiar with such as Sponge Bob Square pants and Rugrats. At last count there where 12 main rides available with plenty more to do to help fill the day and make the most of the day pass wristbands.

Expect to pay. Entry to Nickelodeon land is included in the pleasure beach standard wrist band.

Top tip. Nickelodeon put on a number of events throughout the year. Children can meet the famous characters and take part in unique activities. Check in advance to make sure you arrive on the correct day.

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Highlight 3

Blackpool Sea Life Centre

Blackpool Sea life center

Blackpool Sea Life Centre is great fun for all the family as well as being very informative for those who love to learn. There’s plenty of attractions to keep you busy for hours. As you first arrive you will be greeted by the Sting ray pool where you can stroke the backs of the fish. As you move through you will experience Sea life native to the region as you’ve never seen them before. There’s huge tanks containing sharks and beautiful exotic looking fish crabs and lobsters.

Things not to miss at the sea life centre

Blackpool sea life things to do

The Huge Aquarium tunnel. The tunnel passes underneath the main tank which contains huge sharks. You will view and experience sea life like never before as you feel immersed as if you were in a deep sea submarine.

The Octopus. The octopus is truly incredible its pure size and alien like features will leave you fascinated.

The interactive displays and cinema show. A large room contains a cinema like experience that plays repeatedly throughout the day. In the same room you will also find large interactive touchscreens where you can explore sea creature in detail.

Feed the sharks. For £30 p/person Blackpool Sea Life Centre offers a feeding the sharks experience. This is completely safe and under the guidance of the brilliant experts.

Snorkelling with sharks.  For £50 p/person Go behind the scenes at Blackpool Sea life centre for a once in a lifetime experience snorkelling with sharks, Sting rays and exotic fish.


Top Tip. Booking tickets online in advance at Blackpool Sea Life centre will save you 20% of face value prices.

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Highlight 4

Madame Tussaud’s Blackpool

Madame tusauds Highlights

Experience a day with the stars at Madame Tussauds. Theres plenty of stars to see at Blackpool Madame Tussaud’s .With stars being added on a regular basis. There’s also a step back in time to stars of old.  This is a great way to spend a cold or rainy day in Blackpool.

Expect to pay. £16.50 Adult, £13.00 Child. Discounts available if you book online

Top Tip. book in advance online if there 4 or more in your group and receive even more discount.

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Highlight 5

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon

 Dungeon Collage

Situated below the tower Blackpool Tower dungeon is a scarily entertaining experience for the family. The atmosphere is absorbing in smell, sound and lighting. The effects are stunning and the actors are really enthusiastic and believable.

There’s also a thrilling ride and some great stage shows that will keep you entertained for at least and few hours.

Expect to pay. £16.50 Adults, £13.50 children. Book online in advance for discount.

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